Home › DIY Advice › Tool Hack To Remove Stuck Nails Stubborn nail got you stumped? Try this trick for pulling out the toughest nails. Shove a screw driver under the hammer head to protect delicate surfaces, like cedar decking or any other finished surface. For a straight pull, size the screwdriver so the pivot point is as close to the nail as possible. The screwdriver also gives the hammer claw better leverage, so you can often rock the hammer directly back on its head rather than sideways. But not always. Use this straight pull only on nails that come out fairly easily or that aren’t driven deeply. Otherwise you could break a wooden-handled hammer. Although you can yank a lot harder on hammers with a fiberglass or steel handle, you’ll find it’s a lot easier to use a sideways pull. Hand tools are great, but they’re even better when you use them creatively for things they’re not designed to do.


Solution for thermal expansion and water dripping The solution for hot water dripping from the TPR valve or faucet is simple - install a pressure relief valve - PRV and the expansion tank on the supply line. The PRV valve is needed to reduce the water pressure from the municipality pipeline system if it is high. The water heater is operating with the maximum pressure between 40 and 60 psi while the maximum pressure of the incoming water can reach 80 psi – so it must be reduced. The expansion tank is usually installed on the cold-water side, on the incoming water pipe, between the check valve and water heater. It is designed as a small tank that has two chambers, one side that contains air under pressure, and the other side filled with water - connected to plumbing, and the rubber diaphragm that divides these two chambers. The rubber diaphragm can move, depending on the inside pressure – so when water pressure increases the diaphragm moves toward the air chamber, compressing the air, taking the extra water and reducing the pressure. For the residential use, the device is designed to deal with the pressure up to 150 psi. With these elements installed, and if you repeat the above test, you will see that the pressure on the gauge will increase slightly (not sharp and high) and will keep that way throughout the heating process. The portion of water that has expanded and the pressure will not put any stress on the tank or element, as it has been released into the expansion tank.


Just bought a small walk-in tub for my wife but when filling it the water starts running cold before the water level completed filling the last six inches. Continue reading "Output of 40 gal., electric hybrid " Hi Zeljko! I live in Southern Sweden, so we do have quite long winters and dark days, especially Dec - Jan. I had terrible problems getting the solar How to get hot water fast when it takes too long to deliver to shower How to get hot water fast. An easy to use guide to solve the problem when it takes too long to get hot water to the kitchen, shower or sink. Continue reading "How to get hot water fast when it takes too long to deliver to shower" How to Extend the Life of a Water Heater | Fixing Hard Water Problem How to extend the life of a water heater affected by hard water. Can the water softener be used? Would tank flushing solve the problem? Continue reading "How to Extend the Life of a Water Heater | Fixing Hard Water Problem" How to Fix a Smelly Water Heater | Easy Troubleshooting Guide How to fix a smelly water heater in a simple way! What is the cause, can it be fixed or even prevented? Do I have to call a plumber or can I fix it?


Highschool fights back against obesity with new meal plans Late last Thursday, the Onteora Sewer was able to obtain details of new meal plans expected to be rolled out later this semester. With obesity at an all time high in America and no signs of it slowing down, one local high school is putting in place new measures to prevent the growth of this epidemic. Targeting a student’s diet as the major contributor to weight gain, the school will be supplementing all meals with the popular fat burning supplement, “Hydroxycut™”. America’s number one weight loss product will be introduced on a large scale throughout many of the food items available at the cafeteria. Since the details about this new policy were announced, many parents have criticized the school against the use of the food additive, citing safety concerns for the students. “Our lawyers are reviewing the lawsuit against MuscleTech [manufacturer of Hydroxycut] and the claims that the supplement may cause severe liver damage. Despite your concerns we believe parents will be pleasantly surprised with how tone and fit their children will look as a result of the change,” the school’s spokesperson said in response to parental concerns. Following the statement, parents praised the school’s dedication to health and the safety of the children.


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