Water flows through an advanced system of electric or gas heating elements, which instantly heat it up the desired temperature. There is no need for the storage of hot water – which boost efficiency dramatically. What are the numbers behind the savings? According to the US Department of Energy , a tankless water heater uses up to 34% less power to heat water, because there is no “parasitic draw” – water doesn’t have to be kept at a particular temperature in a tank. Based on the same study, gas-based tankless heaters can save the average family (using 45 gallons of hot water per day) around $108 per year, while electric tankless heaters bring in savings of about $44 per year. Running out of hot water can be incredibly annoying, particularly if Gordontheplumber.com Wayne IL 60184 you are getting ready for the day, and need to take a shower, or you’re trying to get chores like doing laundry or washing dishes out of the way. If you have a smaller hot water heater, such as a 36 gallon model, you may run out of water regularly, particularly if your family members tend to take long showers. The design of a tank-based water heater means that it takes a long time to recover once the majority of hot water has been used. Cold water enters the tank, and must be heated by the elements – and if you use up your hot water faster than it can be replenished, you’ll run out. This is not the case with an on-demand water, tankless water heater.


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Q: Will you be expanding the air-conditioning and plumbing portions of your business or focusing on one area? Any plans to combine them under one company name? A: Our business model is both plumbing and HVAC service and modernization. We have identified and implemented many synergies that make the model less cyclical due to weather, as compared to an HVAC-only operation. We made the decision to brand the two trades differently because the consumer focus groups we commissioned early on suggest that most consumers have their plumbing company and their HVAC company. They believe that no one can be an expert at both, and I happen to agree. Q: What is your ultimate goal for Goettl Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plumber? Are you ever concerned that your company might get too big? A: Our ultimate goal is to bring our brand, our unique customer-centric culture and processes across the nation and become the gold standard for home service in the U.S.


And now hand sanitizer has swooped in as a way to keep our hands clean, even when we’re on the go. It comes in appealing scents, fun squeeze bottles and it’s often marketed toward kids. But is hand sanitizer safe to use? Here’s what you need to know. Wash your hands immediately after touching these 10 items (you might be surprised by some of them!) Many people might not know that not all hand sanitizers are created equal. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) it’s important to use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. This type of sanitizer not only is more effective at killing germs, but non-alcohol based sanitizers can actually be harmful and can cause germs to develop resistance to sanitizing. It’s especially important to avoid hand sanitizers that contain triclosan, a synthetic ingredient added to many antibacterial products. The FDA warns that “high doses of triclosan is associated with a decrease in the levels of some thyroid hormones [and may contribute to] making bacteria resistant to antibiotics.” It’s important to use caution when cleaning with bleach. Here are the mistakes to avoid.


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