So my usual morning routine goes something like this. Travel from my home in Staten Island into Brooklyn hit the local Dunkin Doughnuts at about 6:40 am and in the office by 7:50/7:00 am depending on traffic. Prepare my breakfast (usually egg whites and some fruit) then grab my large black hot coffee and hit the desktop. First, its to Warrenville IL Dupage County check and answer any email inquiries from, over to YouTube to check viewer comments and finally over to FaceBook to check on any inquiries from my Robert Sessa Plumbing and BobsPlumbingVideos profiles. I see someone left a message over at B.P.V. so Im curious and the message read something like this, Youve been selected as one the Top Plumbing Blogs. Naturally, Im curious I hit the link and was taken to an attractive looking page listing all 50 winners of which B.P.V. was sitting in the #3 position. What the heck is this I utter to myself, who posted this and where did they get all the information about all these companies?

Social media is a great place for ongoing lead generation. Social media offers a broad reach of potential customers. The opportunities are endless on social media. Customers can be reached with targeted ads as well as an ongoing content distribution. Social media offers the perfect platform to seek out and engage customers. Plumbing companies are encouraged to establish a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to start. There are the most widely used social media sites with the most reach. By creating an ongoing flow of unique and engaging content, plumbing companies can draw traffic to their website and increase brand awareness, which if done correctly should generate ongoing leads. Content strategies should be diversified with blogs, pictures, stories, and videos. Content also helps improve the online reputation of a company by establishing them as an authority in their field. Ongoing lead generation takes time and consistency.

These tankless water heaters rarely leak since they do not hold or store water. Needless to say, youre welcoming a new era with no more night calls in a frantic hunt for a plumber. This is a good way of saying bye to all the risks associated with a flooded house. Unfortunately, tankless water heaters dont win in all fights. They have their ugly side too that you need to weigh before settling for one. Everybody wants to save up a dollar or two for a rainy day. As such, anything that is far outstretched on your budget is probably not a good idea. The initial cost of getting a tankless water heater is very high as compared to a tanked type. The price of bigger tankless water is roughly almost twice the price of a 50-gallon tank not to mention the installation fee of the desired model. All added up can roll to a few thousand dollars which is pretty much for anyone on a budget.

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