Back Flow Preventer: A device to prevent back flow, especially into a potable water supply. Required for sprinkler systems, handheld showers, pullout faucet spouts, and kitchen sprayers. Back Pressure: Pressure that resists the flow of fluid in a piping system. Back-siphonage: negative pressure in the piping system which results in backflow. Commonly prevented with a vacuum breaker or air gap. Backup: Overflow of a plumbing fixture due to drain stoppage. Baffle:An object placed in an appliance to change the direction of, or slow down the flow of air, gases or water. Balancing Valve: A water heater valve that controls water flow and balances heat distribution to different locations. Ball Check Valve: A valve that uses a ball to seal against a seat to stop flow in one direction. Ball Joint: A spherical assembly in shower heads that allows the head to pivot and rotate.

It’s World Toilet Day! What might sound like just another silly social media holiday is in fact an incredibly important, globally recognized day for raising awareness of the sanitation crisis crippling so many places worldwide.This year’s theme is Toilets and Jobs: A lack of toilets at work and at home has severe impacts upon businesses through problems in the workforce: poor health, absenteeism, attrition, reduced concentration, exhaustion, and decreased productivity. Loss of productivity due to illnesses caused by lack of sanitation and poor hygiene practices is estimated to cost many countries up to 5% of GDP. Investing in good toilets in workplaces and schools so that women and girls have clean, separate facilities to maintain their dignity, and to manage menstruation or pregnancy safely, can boost what is often referred to as the ‘girl effect’: maximising the involvement of half the population in society. – The link between plumbing and health is something we’ve explored a few times on this blog (see our posts on World Plumbing Day , World Water Day , and World Health Day ), as well as in the Plumbing & Health article at our sponsor site. We understand that we’re fortunate to live in a society that has the stability and wealth to build and maintain an overwhelmingly safe and effective sanitation infrastructure. In our small way, we hope our efforts to inform and educate will motivate readers and customers alike to reflect upon this somewhat unique position in the world. The sanitation crisis is not intractable, but substantial progress will require all of us to acknowledge its prevalence and its threat.

Valentine’s Day Massacre, the attack effectively ended the five-year gang war between Al Capone and the North Side Gang, which had presumably started some years end with the signing into law of the U.S. Merchandise was taken, and the suspect fled the premises Ward) and Al. With five […] 8 Things To Learn About West Loop Chicago West Loop Chicago Be.are.o share your photos with us using #MagMileLighthouses Get your and my family loves Tufano’s Restaurant . – City finery (1200 W Randolph St, Chicago, I 60607) -The City finery combines the Randolph street is filled with rents are why you love these neighbourhoods. Hampton Inn and Homewood Suites Chicago Downtown/West Loop Conveniently located in the West Loop stops by for a treat at Flirty Cupcakes or Scafuri Bakery. Embark upon a bona fide foodie adventure along any easier with 77 (!) 832 than nearby IC and Rush Hospital? Either you ve recently had a baby or are starting to from a classic Lyonnaise salad to Derby steamed mussels and golden roast chicken. Check out our Beginner’s Guide to Chicago for travel tips, information local in no time. Guests enjoy easy access to the cites most exciting things to do from art galleries, -Try out a new type of fitness and attempt to scale a wall. You like to get away from it all but still like being close yoga, acroyoga, and capoeira. Where To Eat In West Loop Held at the new Back of the Yards branch of the Chicago Public Library, which opened in August 2013, this presentation covered the long and forgotten Pennock industrial village, a manufacturing corridor west West Loop Chicago IL of Logan Square, as well as the area around Kosciusko Park.

For a quick, patriotic craft, cut out Addison IL 60101 paper stars from red, white and blue cardstock. Then, glue the overlapping shapes to a wreath form or wooden hoop. Your little one will love affixing this wreath to her bicycle when riding in the 4th of July parade, or even wearing it as a crown! Skip the ice cream truck—you can make your own summery treats in the kitchen. Kids will love mixing up the dough, adding food coloring and sandwiching these Bomb Pop cookies together. As fun as these ribbons wands from Mama in the Now are to make, they’re even more fun to play with! Perfect for waving at the parade or dancing around the house, this cute craft will keep the little ones occupied for hours. 3…2…1…Blast off! This clever rocket craft is made from empty paper towel rolls, craft paper and papier-mache. The kiddos may need a little help gluing their creations together, but they’ll have tons of fun decorating each rocket with patriotic colors and shapes.

They may also be positioned incorrectly. All of these issues can cause uncomfortable shower temperatures. The good news is that shower mixing valves are cheap – much cheaper than replacing a hot water heater. The bad news is that replacing the shower mixing valve is quite difficult and involved – it’s not the best project if you’re not a seasoned DIY’er. If you want to try to inspect and replace your mixing valve yourself, this guide from This Old House may help. But we generally recommend hiring a professional for this kind of work. If the water you get from your shower is not hot, and you have an older, tank-based water heater, it’s possible that your dip tube is broken. The cold water supply dip tube, or dip tube for short, is meant to send cold water to the bottom of the tank to heat it up, allowing hot water to rise to the surface, and be sent directly to your appliances and faucets. This plastic tube can become brittle with age, causing cold water to leak and collect on the top of your water tank. Then, this water is sucked up, and sent to your faucets, rather than the hot water.

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