To make sure the layout is square, adjust the diagonal measurements of the postholes so theyre equal. As you dig your holes, put the soil in a wheelbarrow and find a place to relocate it away from your site. Save any gravel or sand to reinstall pavers. You may need to move a post slightly. We shifted one post near the house to create an entry along the steps. Reconnect your layout string to make sure the holes are aligned. Cut your forming tubes and insert them into the holes. Level the tops of the forming tubes until theyre flush with the patio surface. If you mix the concrete on site, youll need about five bags of Quikrete or Sakrete concrete mix per hole, for a total of 30 bags. (Thats enough to have your home center or lumberyard deliver it to the site. If you call for a ready-mixed delivery, ask for 1/2 cubic yard.) Add your 60-in.

If other homes receiving water from the same source show no signs of contamination, then the problem is most likely with your main water pipe . Cracks in the main supply line bringing water into the house can permit various chemicals and bacteria to leech into the water from the soil. In this situation, trenchless pipe replacement offers a cost effective solution that is less disruptive than traditional repair methods. While a filtration system may be able to address the contamination, the damaged pipe will likely lead to additional problems in the long run and should be replaced or repaired immediately. For homes with well water, the options for treating contaminants are more limited. Installing a quality filtration system is the primary solution. Water can be treated either at the point of entry, where it comes into the house, or the point of use, where it is actually used inside the home. Generally speaking, point of entry systems are less intrusive, more effective, and more cost efficient. Whether your California home is supplied by municipal water systems or a well, checking for contaminants on a regular basis is a good practice to ensure the safety of the people in your household. With so many areas of the state experiencing trouble with water, keeping up to date on your local water quality is a wise precaution.

It's a tough job, but the right tools will make it go faster. By the DIY experts of The Family Handyman Magazine Work the chisel between the tiles and the concrete, hammering them up with a 2-lb. maul. After all the tile is broken up, spread thin-set mortar over the concrete to level and smooth it Aurora Illinois 60502 before laying the new floor. Theres no easy way to do this. Unlike tile on cement board or wood, theres no underlayment or subfloor that can be pried up and thrown away. Removing tile from concrete requires knocking out the tiles and adhesive. It takes time and hard work. Even a small bathroom will take half a day, at a minimum. Use a 3/4- or 1-in.

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