The Onteora Sewer had the privilege of interviewing a South Korean during this crisis. When asked about the impending war he looked up weary-eyed from his computer screen and said, Yeah, the North Koreans are rough. Turning back quickly, he took a big ol bite out of some greasy-ass pizza, pressed a few keys, and shouted, Fuck the Terrans, Zergs for life bitch, and won the hell out of a game of Starcraft. Enthralled with the skillful gamesmanship, our reporter continued watching, giving advice occasionally, but mainly basking in the heartfelt devotion that was a video game being played right. When Starcraft was finished, it was time for DotA, then World of Warcraft. It was a night of cheap food and sore backs. North Korea became the mother who tells you to get off the computer, who you ignore with all the stoicism and majesty of a goddamn Blue Crane flying in the air, free as the fucking wind. When the sunlight began to creep up on the horizon, our reporter had long since fallen asleep, leaving the South Korean alone with his thoughts. Looking over tenderly, he paused his game, got a blanket, and tucked the enterprising journalist in, fluffing a pillow and chuckling quietly to himself: I dont even remember why hes here, as he sat back down to the comfort and stability of his digital world. UK Taco Bell found to contain horse meat; Customers calling it vast improvement. Less than a week following the release of information claiming several UK Taco Bell locations have been serving unregulated horse meat, customers are rejoicing in the scandal. Calling the new burrito filler a vast improvement over the previous sawdust laden beef concoction, which in early 2011 led to a lawsuit attempting to ban the fast food chain from labeling their beef blend (containing only 36% actual beef) as meat. This recent scandal has had a surprising effect as customers were overjoyed at the prospect of real meat in their Taco Bell meals. Taco Bell has embraced the controversy and is reportedly in the process of overhauling their menu to satisfy customer demands with horse filled dishes and the introduction of their new marketing campaign Come Caballo! Man to take up heroin and subsequent rehab to make regular life seem more impressive Kingston, NY BestBuy sales associate Aurora IL Patrick Kane is planning on beginning a steady heroin habit in an effort to make his perfectly mediocre life more impressive to his family and peers.

Customers can be reached with targeted ads as well as an ongoing content distribution. Social media offers the perfect platform to seek out and engage customers. Plumbing companies are encouraged to establish a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to start. There are the most widely used social media sites with the most reach. By creating an ongoing flow of unique and engaging content, plumbing companies can draw traffic to their website and increase brand awareness, which if done correctly should generate ongoing leads. Content strategies should be diversified with blogs, pictures, stories, and videos. Content also helps improve the online reputation of a company by establishing them as an authority in their field. Ongoing lead generation takes time and consistency. Many plumbing companies choose to outsource their ongoing lead generation so that they can focus on other aspects of their business.

In instances where walls have to be opened, you may need to buy a drywall. This requires a carpenter. Most of them ask for between $60 and $70. The drywall alone and its finishing may cost you up to 200 bucks. Youll incur costs purchasing all the materials required too. These include pipes and heat and water pumps. These may add up to around 300 dollars. True. This seems an expensive venture. Installing an electric tankless water heater may cost you between $800 and $1000. Gas-powered tankless heaters may require anywhere around $1470-$2500.

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Weve come up with 5 nifty plumbing-related resolutions that we think everyone should try over the course of the new year! We would like to encourage you throughout the new year to follow these and other plumbing maintenance resolutions you may come up with, for the benefit of yourself and your family, your neighbors, and our environment. As always, wishes you a safe and happy New Year! Water is one of our most precious natural resources we cant live without it, and yet theres a very limited supply. If youre thinking of doing a kitchen, bath or laundry room remodel this year, choose water-efficient faucets and shower heads, and/or place a point-of-use water heater in areas where you consistently run the taps to heat water up. Outdoors, you can install a drip-irrigation system instead of a new sprinkler or consider setting up your own rainwater harvesting system to use for watering plants or washing your car. It can be helpful to think of your toilet as another appliance in your home. Anything with moving parts can break or wear down and that includes the moving parts of your toilet. Save water and avoid costly problems later with good maintenance this year. Ideally, your water heater should last between 10 and 15 years, but without proper maintenance many fail after 5 or 6 years, leaving you frustrated and sometimes causing significant damage to your home.

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